Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AirAsia BIG SALE! from 10cents...


nk g bercuti dgn harga yg murah???..
haa.. AirAsia ada wat offer skrg..
harga bermula serendah 10sen...

Tak percaya?...
Iyeee.. serendah 10sen..
tapi.. itu tidak la termasuk kos2 lain..
but still lg murah sgt2 tau..

Cepat2 g booking..

No fuel surcharge for all the 10 cent destinations. And yes, when they say 10 cent low fare, they do really mean it. You can start your booking at 12pm (GMT+8:00) on 23rd May.

  • Booking period: 23rd – 29th May 2011
  • Travel period: 6th Feb – 20th June 2012

For more info & booking, please visit: AirAsia

HIJAU: Available 
KUNING: Limited 
MERAH: Few or none

Jom kite pegi berCUTI2..
dalam Malaysia pon dh lebih dari BEST tau..

1 comment:

dee said...

wahhhhhhhhh...syok nyaaaa...jom coti2...hehehe...

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